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Property division is an essential and commonly contentious part of the divorce process. For couples that cannot agree on how to split up their assets and property, they must submit to the final decisions of a judge or arbitrator. Additionally, Colorado does not have laws guaranteeing an “equal” division of property, but only an “equitable” or fair one. That means the case that each spouse makes in the courtroom can be extremely important to retaining what is rightfully yours.

At Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, I have dedicated my entire firm to serving and advocating for family law and divorce clients. For more than three decades, I have navigated countless divorce proceedings and ensured that, in the end, my clients’ rights and assets were protected. At my firm, it is understood that property division strategy isn’t a matter a greed or revenge, but simply ensuring that you can close this chapter of your life with the assets and resources you deserve.

Do not hesitate to contact me and start preparing for this process with a proven advocate by your side.


During the property division process, the concepts of “community” and “separate” property are key. All of the assets that are acquired during the marriage are considered community property and will be considered for division. There are, however, exceptions that will be shielded from the division process. This property is separate property.

Common examples of separate property include:

  • Assets acquired prior to the marriage
  • Inheritance left to one spouse
  • Assets that are protected by a marital agreement
  • Assets acquired during a legal separation

While the rules seem cut and dried, there can be complications. For instance, if the value of separate property goes up during the course of the marriage, the increase in value is then considered community property. Additionally, “commingling” can occur and blur the lines between separate and communal property for some assets. It is these gray areas — along with Colorado’s equitable property division laws — that make it so important to have an assertive and vigilant Denver divorce lawyer by your side.

It is possible to face this difficult process with confidence. Contact me for a free phone consultation today.

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