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When life takes a turn, and you find yourself filing for divorce, your only option is to retain the best possible representation that will safeguard what you’re entitled to. The quality of your representation, however, is completely up to you – if you find yourself with substandard legal counsel, you should consider moving forward in your case with another attorney by your side. In this blog, we discuss when to know it’s time to switch divorce lawyers.


While you shouldn’t be bombarding your attorney with phone calls in the middle of the night, it’s not unreasonable to expect that your calls and emails will be returned in a quick turn-around period. If you find yourself waiting days on end to hear back from your divorce attorney, it may be time to reassess the representation you currently have, and what this may mean for your case.


Structure and organization is absolutely crucial in order to smoothly navigate through divorce proceedings. There are several deadlines one must adhere to throughout the divorce process, and a lack of organization can lead to missing deadlines, which can cause a delay in your case. Furthermore, the court may charge legal fees for divorce paperwork that is filed after its respective deadline.


When you show up to a meeting or hearing on time, it’s because you respect and value your time and the time of others. You want to be prompt, if not a few minutes early, during every step of the divorce process. If you find that your divorce attorney is trouble showing up to meetings on time, you may need to being seeking alternate routes to retain representation that is better suited to meet your needs.

As a Denver divorce attorney, I have more than 30 years of experience in handling intricate and complex family law matters – whether it be a contentious divorce or child custody battle, you can trust that you will have a dedicated legal ally by your side.

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