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Family Case Appeals in Denver, CO

Counsel from a Denver Appeals Attorney Who Cares

An appeal can be used to petition a higher court to reverse the decisions of a lower court. Appealing in a family law matter may be the difference between protecting your rights and the rights of your family, and facing a harsh legal decision.

Going through an appeal can be a long and complicated process. An in-depth knowledge of the laws is necessary to avoid mistakes and represent your best interests, no matter what your circumstance or the initial decision may have been. As a Denver appeals attorney at Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, I can help you through the post-trial appeals process, making sure that your rights are protected while fighting for the best possible outcome for your case.

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From international custody disputes to defending the rights of Colorado residents, I’ve faced the appeals process in a variety of cases. I’ve worked to defend the rights of numerous clients throughout the state of Colorado, no matter what their circumstances were.

In my years of trial experience, I have stood before:

  • The U.S. Court of Appeals, defending the rights of Osage Tribal members
  • The Colorado Court of Appeals, concerning international jurisdiction in a custody dispute
  • Castro Court of Appeals Decision dealing with the division of marital property
  • Castro Colorado Supreme Court Opinion in determining the role of vacation or sick time in the division of marital property

Added to this, I have also successfully defended a pro bono death penalty case where I was able to obtain a sentence reversal. My background and skill in the courtroom make me highly qualified to handle your appeal. Retaining the aggressive legal representation found at Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC is the next best step.

Need to appeal a custody, divorce or division decision?

In matters concerning your family, decisions made by the court may be short-sighted or lacking the facts. Lower courts may not always have all the information or be aware of your total family circumstances. In these matters, your best option may be to appeal the decision with the help of a seasoned Denver family lawyer. I know how to handle complex appeals and can sit down with you to review your unique situation.

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