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Committed Denver Lawyer Provides Comprehensive Counsel to Parents and Spouses

Accomplished Colorado firm handles divorce, custody and other domestic legal concerns

At my firm, Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, my focus is pursuing positive outcomes for people throughout Denver County and the surrounding areas in a full range of family law matters. I started my career in Oklahoma, practicing law there for eight years before establishing my family law office here in Denver in 1993. Altogether I have more than three decades of legal experience guiding clients through legal cases involving often difficult and highly emotional circumstances. Whether you seek skilled, sensitive counsel for divorce, custody, alimony, adoption or another matter, you can rely on my knowledge of Colorado family law and commitment to help you move forward with confidence.

Conscientious Denver County lawyer focuses on achieving desired outcomes

I advocate strongly for my clients while treating each one with the care and concern they deserve during what are often difficult times of transition. My firm is known within Denver County for being:

  • Trusted — Through my decades of experience working closely with people going through major life changes, from divorce to adoption, I have earned a reputation for providing trustworthy and reliable legal services. I pride myself on using my extensive understanding of the law to represent clients with dependable, high-quality counsel.
  • Responsive — Emotions can run high in family law cases. To lessen my clients’ stress, I am committed to keeping them fully informed and appraised of case updates every step of the way. My office returns calls promptly and answers questions thoroughly.
  • Compassionate — As your lawyer, my primary concern is for your well-being and the well-being of your family. To work toward the best possible resolution for your situation, I first take the time to listen to your story. When children are involved, I dedicate my efforts to ensuring that their best interests are protected.

I am known for being a problem solver. No matter how complex the issue you face, I am prepared to provide hands-on assistance and personalized support.

Comprehensive family law counselor advocates for parents and children

Other law firms split their focus between various areas of practice. By dedicating my attention solely to Colorado family law, I can deliver an intelligent and considerate approach to this area of the law. I represent clients dealing with matters of:

  • Adoption — Following the recommendations of friends and family, Denver parents who are ready to adopt often select me as their lawyer. I am well-versed in the processes of domestic and international adoption.
  • Custody — Whether you and your former partner are able to agree on dividing the parental responsibilities of child custody, or you have different ideas about what type of arrangement would be best for your child, I will advocate for you. I handle cases where a parent’s relocation may affect your parental bond, and I also assist clients who hope to establish guardianships and conservatorships for minors and incapacitated adults.
  • Divorce — Untangling marital assets can be the most frustrating aspect of a divorce or legal separation. I work diligently to obtain equitable property distribution solutions and handle all other aspects of dividing one home into two. I also assist clients seeking annulments based on fraud or other grounds.
  • Support payments — Colorado calculates appropriate child support and spousal maintenance/alimony orders based on specific legal guidelines. The same guidelines are generally used for divorce settlements and separation agreements. I help my clients find and prepare the documentation necessary to facilitate fair arrangements and petition for enforcement actions when court-ordered payments are delinquent.
  • Premarital agreements — Committed couples throughout Colorado use prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to set up safeguards for protecting their assets in case one spouse passes away or files for divorce. I guide clients step by step though the considerations that should be made when preparing a marital contract.
  • Domestic violence — Heated divorce and custody battles can lead to threats or actual physical harm as well as false allegations of such acts. Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or accused of committing it, I will provide strong advocacy and support to protect your safety and rights.

I also represent clients in family law appeals when a misrepresentation of facts or the law results in an unfair verdict. When you establish a relationship with me, I explore every legal option to help you and your family find the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact a skilled Denver family lawyer to schedule your free case consultation

At the Denver, Colorado firm of Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, I draw on more than 30 years of experience representing clients in Denver County and the surrounding areas in divorce, child custody, adoption and other matters. To schedule a free initial consultation with my office, call 720-386-5511 or contact me online.

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