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Going through a divorce is not easy. Its effects can be long-lasting on you and your family. When tensions are high, emotions can easily lead to potentially unnecessary fighting or resistance. Coming to a quick resolution becomes critical, especially when there are children involved. I pride myself on taking the time to understand everyone’s point of view and have helped hundreds of clients come to positive conclusions in their divorces.

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When you and your spouse have decided to separate, no matter what your reasons, the process can be complicated. With the skilled guidance and advice of a Denver divorce lawyer, you may be able to avoid common mistakes that can prolong or stall your case and keep you from achieving a positive outcome. In Colorado, the state uses a no-fault approach to help separating couples. This means that divorce does not require an “at-fault” party to proceed.

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Competent and caring legal guidance can be the difference between a prolonged battle and a favorable settlement. Trust in Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC to help you when you need it most. I am honored to serve clients throughout the surrounding areas, so do not hesitate to call my firm!

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Retaining the services of the right Denver divorce lawyer is the first step in protecting your best interests and the best interests of your family. Though court is not always necessary, I am not afraid to help you throughout the process, no matter what the circumstances behind your marital issues. I am here to assist you through every step of your divorce, from the moment you file to any post-divorce decrees or modifications.

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