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Accomplished Denver Family Law Attorney Delivers Trusted Guidance

Seasoned Colorado lawyer advises clients on divorce, custody, adoption and other family law issues

Handling legal issues involving your family requires the skill and attention of a compassionate lawyer, especially when children are involved. For more than 30 years, my law firm, Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, has helped individuals and couples in the Denver metro area to find positive resolutions to their family law cases. Whether you are facing the challenges of a divorce, drafting a premarital agreement, managing a child custody conflict or pursuing adoption, I am committed to advocating for your interests and helping you reach your goals.

Skillful legal adviser handles Colorado domestic matters of all kinds

Through diligence and dedication, I work to help my clients achieve favorable outcomes from legal matters that will affect them and their families for the rest of their lives. My family law practice encompasses:

  • Divorce and separation — When you are ready to end your marriage through divorce or to pursue a legal separation, sound advice from an experienced family lawyer can save you stress and heartache. I will explain your options and potential outcomes for dissolving your marriage, and guide you through each step of the process.
  • Adoption — Making the decision to adopt can bring an unparalleled level of joy into your life. But without knowledgeable legal counsel, adoption can be complicated and stressful. The processes of adoption are regulated at the state and federal levels as well as at the international level when the child comes from another country. I advise new parents as they prepare to grow their families.
  • Parenting plans — Courts prioritize the best interests of children when making custody, visitation and guardianship I help parents protect their rights and demonstrate their ability to provide loving homes. My goal is to help you and your child’s other parent come to a mutually beneficial agreement that preserves the health and well-being of your child. If you and your ex cannot agree on a parenting plan, I will press to uphold your rights, establish protections for your children and fairly resolve your case.
  • Child support — Colorado’s guidelines for calculating child support only work well when there is a full understanding of the child’s needs and the parents’ circumstances. My firm collects relevant evidence and compels the financial disclosure needed for fair results.
  • Marital agreements — Prenuptial agreements have become common among couples entering into marriage. Drawing on my decades of experience in divorce law, I aid clients with determining what should be included and left out of their marital agreement.
  • Domestic violence — Allegations of domestic violence can have serious, life-changing impacts on a family and can result in a loss of parenting rights. I handle allegations with professionalism and care, seeking the solutions that fit the circumstances at hand.

I understand the type of support that parents value as they deal with family courts. I deliver ethical, step-by-step guidance to provide my clients with a roadmap from the start of their case to the finish.

Respected Denver attorney draws on three decades of family law experience

Without an attorney’s guidance, you may face complicated issues where even the smallest mistakes can mean more paperwork, a longer time in court or settling for an outcome that is less favorable than you deserve.

I take a personalized approach to every case, devoting the time necessary to understand what matters most to each client and what stands in the way of their goals. Armed with this information, I deliver zealous advocacy when needed and a softer touch when advisable. My insight comes from decades of experience practicing family law combined with a strong defense background. No matter what challenges you find yourself up against, I am here to provide compassionate and reliable counsel while diligently pursuing the outcome you seek.

Contact a dedicated Denver family law attorney to schedule a free initial consultation

Orders and agreements approved in family court have the potential to drastically alter your life. At the law firm of Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, I represent individuals in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas during divorce, custody conflicts and other family law cases. I offer a free initial consultation to new clients. To schedule yours, call my Denver office at 720-386-5511 or contact me online.

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