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Information About Legal Separation in Colorado

Many couples facing marital strife are not yet ready for a finality of a divorce. For these couples, a legal separation may be a better, healthier solution to their current stresses that will allow them to re-evaluate the future of their marriage at a later date. Unfortunately, the concept of “legal separation” is widely misunderstood and few couples consider it when facing an uncertain future together.

If you and your spouse would like to explore what legal separation can offer, I invite you to contact my firm, Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC, today. I have more than three decades of experience as a Denver divorce attorney and am well-versed in the challenges and dilemmas married couples face when approaching a legal solution to their marital issues. I can make sure that you and your family make the decision that best benefits everyone and that your individual interests are protected throughout every step of the process.

Do not face these decisions without a compassionate and knowledgeable Denver divorce lawyer by your side. Contact me today.


Many people believe that just living in separate residences from their spouse constitutes a legal separation — or that the time between a divorce filing and divorce finalization is when a couple is considered “separated.” However, the truth is separation is a marital status that must be specifically sought from the Colorado courts and only couples who receive a decree of legal separation are truly legally separated.

The major difference between a separation and a divorce is that during a separation, the couple is still considered legally married. The separation grants each separated spouse individual accountability (and property division, child custody, etc.), but also other advantages that some couples may find attractive or essential.

Just some of the advantages of legal separation include:

  • Insurance benefits can remain intact
  • Inheritance rights remain intact
  • No religious/moral objections
  • The ability to either reconcile or transition to divorce

If you are interesting in pursuing a legal separation — or are already separated and need to transition to divorce or reconciliation — then I encourage you to contact my firm today. I am ready to thoroughly handle your case, make sure you voice is heard, and ensure that you are able to move on to a new chapter of your life with all of the resources, assets, and considerations you deserve.

Have more questions? I’m ready to offer you a free case evaluation. Call my firm today.

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