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Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent Adoptions in Denver, CO

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Many people feel as if their family is “incomplete” after a second marriage until they adopt their new spouse’s biological children. A stepparent adoption can help a family enjoy a fresh start and begin building solid relationships. Why else is stepparent adoption important? It offers legal protections in the case of emergencies, for schooling purposes, or if there is a death in your family. However, this type of adoption can be complex, especially if the other biological parent is not compliant.

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In Colorado, stepparent adoptions can be a quicker process than regular adoptions, so long as you and your spouse meet specific criteria. Because there is a presumed relationship between the child and the stepparent, the courts may be more inclined to grant the adoption without complex investigations.

Certain requirements must be met before a stepparent adoption can occur. These include:

  • The other parent must have been absent from the child’s life for at least one year
  • The other parent has failed to support the child
  • The other parent, if available, does not object to the adoption
  • You have passed a criminal background check
  • The biological parents have been informed and have signed their consent
  • The child has also consented, if they are older than 12

You may face different procedures if one of the biological parents is completely out of the picture or cannot be found. An experienced Denver family lawyer can help navigate your case, offering you the trusted legal advice that comes from over 30 years of working with clients throughout Denver, Adams, and Jefferson counties.

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From drafting and reviewing paperwork to explaining each step of the process, I am here to assist you in building your family. By always keeping the best interests of your children in mind, my firm offers comprehensive and compassionate legal advice to help you through this joyful time.

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