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Keeping the Focus on Your Children

Issues of child custody can add anxiety to an already stressful divorce situation. Questions of where your children will live or who will take care of them can create additional heartache and confrontations that can ultimately end up hurting your children. An amicable and swift resolution that benefits both parents and the child is often what the court is looking for. For this reason, you need a Denver child custody lawyer to help protect your rights during this time.

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When possible, I strive to help parents reach mutual agreements regarding the health and well-being of their children. Colorado law favors cooperation and, when possible, seeks to award joint custody to both parents.

If this is not possible, the courts may decide on varying agreements under terms such as:

  • Legal custody: The responsibility for making major decisions for the children’s welfare
  • Physical custody: Where the children spend most of their time
  • Parental responsibilities: Including responsibilities like making decisions for the children and spending time with them
  • Decision-making ability: The right and responsibility to make specified kinds of decisions for the children
  • Parenting time (visitation): The actual time the children spend with each parent

Agreeing to huge issues such as custody or child support can be difficult during a divorce, especially when both parents believe that they are acting in the child’s best interests. Whether you can come to a settlement on your own or will require a judge to step in, I can help fight to protect your parental rights and ensure you secure a favorable outcome.

Need to modify a custody order?

If you or the other parent’s situations change after a divorce or separation, you have the option to pursue a modification to a custody agreement. Whether you have moved out of state or are dealing with an unruly parent, custody modifications may be necessary in your situation. I have helped hundreds of clients throughout Denver, Adams, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties with their changing family circumstances and can use this experience to assist with your complex custody case.

For legal help with any of your custody issues, do not hesitate to schedule a free confidential consultation today!

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