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In an ideal world, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements would not be necessary. However, it is important to protect your interests if your relationship doesn’t go the way you’ve planned. While this is the last thing you may want to think about before your wedding day or after you have just gotten married, it is an important legal step to take when a couple has a high net worth or substantial personal debt.

In Colorado, these documents are known as marital agreements, and they may help you prevent undue stress or extra anxiety should you choose to divorce in the future. Avoiding costly and lengthy legal battles can help preserve family relationships and reach positive outcomes during disputes.

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Whether you are planning your marriage or have just sent off the paperwork to make it official after the ceremony, a marital arrangement can be the difference between a future legal battle and easily protecting your interests. Both pre- and postnuptial agreements may be very useful.

A few of the many topics these agreements can cover include:

  • How property prior to your marriage can be divided
  • How property acquired during the marriage is to be divided
  • How income and earnings are treated during the marriage
  • Determining or waiving alimony in the event of a divorce
  • Payment of attorney fees in the event of a legal separation or divorce
  • How property is to be handled if one spouse dies

No one ever expects to get divorced when saying “I do,” but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Asking the tough questions now may be able to save your financial future. Striving to be fair and reasonable before a court battle can occur can help you plan ahead when emotions are still calm and tension is low. Marital agreements can even strengthen your relationship and keep struggles over money out of the picture.

Should I hire an attorney for my agreement?

The Colorado Marital Agreement Act does not require that an attorney prepare an agreement to ensure its validity, but handling this issue without the guidance of a knowledgeable Denver family lawyer may lead to mistakes that can jeopardize your future. Having Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC draft, review, and explain your document before you sign it can help make sure that your wishes are legally carried out.

I have extensive experience handling marital agreements and can help you draft a document that fits your relationship. Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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